Find out more about our non-profit initiative providing free medical services for communities in need
Find out more about our non-profit initiative providing free medical services for communities in need

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MediOrbis provides patient-centric telehealth programs on an innovative technology platform to deliver the best possible care in the most accessible and affordable ways. Our personalized approach to building the correct plan and branding for each Health Plan means members get the right coverage and the best rates with an integrated brand experience.
Mediorbis partners with leading health plans to deliver superior care, improved outcomes and better quality of life of plan members.

Innovative Patient-Centric Care Program

Our personalized care capabilities benefit a wide range of member needs.

From Virtual Primary Care to Chronic Disease Management and our Integrated Specialty Care Programs, MediOrbis delivers care tailored to the individual.

Top-Tier Providers

MediOrbis physicians are recruited from top medical institutions and are subject to rigorous credentialing and quality control measures.

With the MediOrbis service, plan providers are assured members have access to top-tier medical services with 24/7 coverage and industry leading wait times.

Anytime Care

MediOrbis is an ideal choice for Health Plans who want to provide the best possible care for their employees!

Our innovative technology platform, patient-centric services, and physician network give plan members a healthcare partner that provides high quality of life and the best possible patient outcomes, all at affordable rates.

A Familiar Brand Backed by MediOrbis Innovation

Members need the trust and comfort of a familiar brand and integrated experience. MediOrbis allows for a white label option of our technology platform to ensure that members can get top tier service within the umbrella of their known Health Plan environment.
  • Improve population health, lower total cost of care
  • Population health management: scalable across geographical areas and diverse populations
  • Improve individual outcomes with preventive care: earlier identification of gaps in care, timely intervention and monitoring
  • Address health equity and underserved populations
  • Lower total costs (Medical Loss Ratio)
  • Consistently high member satisfaction and engagement
  • Achieve integrated care coordination: closed-loop referrals to specialists, streamlined data collection, analytics and reporting
  • Increase adoption of value-based care design and reimbursement
  • Improve STAR Ratings, HCAHPS, HEDIS and benchmark plan performance

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